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   Factor Tree for 136

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Using Inspiration to create factor trees.

Objective: Students will use Inspiration software to create factor trees for composite whole numbers.

Prerequisite skills: basic knowledge of Inspiration software: how to create new boxes, create correct links, change font size and style, create a text-only box, save and print.

Activity: Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Open Inspiration to a new project.
2. In the Main Idea box, type in "Factor tree for yournumber."
3. Create two boxes below the main idea box and enter two factors for your number.
4. Check each of your two factors to see if either one is a prime number. Mark your prime numbers with a different type of box.
5. Continue factoring until you have only prime numbers.
6. Rearrange your factors so that all the prime numbers are on one line.
7. At the bottom, use the text-box tool to create a text box and type in the prime factorization for your number. Use Format - Text Style - Superscript to create exponents.
8. Use File - Print Options to set your project to fit onto one page, and to print in black and white. Type your name on your project and print it.


Are your factors correct?  60 points
Are your prime factors correctly indicated?  20 points
Do you have the prime factorization written out?  10 points
Have you used the software correctly (correct links, print format, etc.)?  10 points

Sample factor tree with all prime factors on the bottom line, and the prime factorizaton written below the diagram:

Factor Tree for 136

This diagram created using Inspiration® by Inspiration Software, Inc.